WPNC ’17 Review

Wow, what an exciting event in Bremen! We are back from the WPNC – the IEEE 14th Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications, which is the conference for indoor localization. Of course, ZIGPOS was there and we presented a live demo of our real time localization system (including the ZIGPOS Badge).

This demo included localization of the Badges, Geofencing, Live Display Update of the ePaper Display as well as the Webinterface (Map+Info) of our RTLS. We answered questions about ranging accuracy, battery lifetime, chips, hardware, costs and localization algorithms. A nice venue at Jacobs in Bremen as well as the friendly atmosphere in the conference hall leads to a full recommendation of this conference!

See some impressions of the WPNC ’17 here:

Note: This is not the official WPNC’17 conference video

We were able to present our localization system (running the S-MDS positioning algorithm with Decawaves UWB chip) to the experts in the field of indoor localization and get some valuable feedback. Everybody was excited to see, that their research on algorithms and filter design is ending up in such a great product like our real time localization system.

Program Day 1

Program Day 2


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