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This year we are on the largest industrial fair around the topics industry 4.0 and M2M: Hannovermesse 2018!
You can visit us at the Smart Connected joint stand of TEMA (Hall 8, D33) and test our real-time localization system.

This year we present seamless indoor/outdoor positioning and our Smart Badge. Get in touch with us!

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As announced in the Decawave Spring Newsletter 2017, ZIGPOS is now selected DecaWave partner for simplified deployment of RTLS (Real Time Location System). We provide a hybrid solution of 2,4 GHz PDOA ranging and the Decawave UWB technology, which enables max. 500m LOS distance measurements as well as ~30cm 3D accuracy.

Based on user preferences or environmental conditions, ZIGPOS offers customer specific solutions of their RTLS technology combining sensor actuator networks with location tracking. Parameters like battery life time, position accuracy, update frequencies, secured sensor data & actuator communication as well as interfaces, handling and visualization are used to provide optimal solution for each customer.

The newly developed ZIGPOS badge and the ZIGPOS RTLS software on the ZIGPOS Evaluation Kit simplifying the RTLS deployments for large areas considerably. With this system, you are up and running in 15 minutes.

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