Introducing: Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Positioning

Customers love our indoor real time localization system (RTLS). It provides accurate 3D positioning inside buildings or production areas. All you need is our RTLS with products like the ZIGPOS Badge or our Bracelet.

Typical use cases of indoor localization is tracking of important goods. But what, if the items are leaving the building? An indoor RTLS is not able to determine their position outside the operating area of the installed system.

They are invisible for the process and no information is available. Not our vision of Internet of Things, where everything should be visible at all time. A seamless indoor/outdoor positioning can solve a lot of tracking questions for many industries. So we are introducing the ZIGPOS Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Positioning.

The ZIGPOS Mobile Gateway

We basically connected two worlds: Our indoor localization with Ultrawideband and – if the device is leaving the dedicated RTLS area and is near the ZIGPOS Mobile Gateway – the conventional outdoor GPS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning.

The ZIGPOS Mobile Gateway receives position information from a GNSS (like GPS) and reports every connected ZIGPOS device with the corresponding Lat/Lon position to an API (with database), which reports to the ZIGPOS Gateway. Everything can be on one device or be in separate warehouses or Docker container.

Get in touch with our sales team and take a look at the running system.

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