EU highly excellent Innovation: ZIGPOS Indoor Localization for Smart Health

The European Union just started evaluation of highly innovative companies and projects, based on the proposed metrics of the Innovation Radar. ZIGPOS was identified as a highly innovative company, based on the results of our Horizon 2020 program project BUTLER.

BUTLER was the first european project to emphasise pervasiveness, context-awareness and security for IoT. Through a consortium of leading Industrial, Corporate R&D and Academic partners with extensive and complementary know-how, BUTLER was integrating current and was developing new technologies to form a “bundle” of applications, platform features and services that will bring IoT to life.

We were selected in innovation category „Creation“ for Indoor Localization in the context of Smart Health.

Since the project BUTLER, we developed the system market ready and tested it in several Ambient Assistent Living (AAL) and Hospital Environments. Our ZIGPOS Bracelet can be used for indoor localization, emergency call and fall detection. See Use Cases…

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