Real-time localization for IoT

Position data in 3D - indoor, outdoor and in complex systems in industry (semiconductors, automotive, electrical/ IT, mechanical engineering), medicine, shipping and logistics

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Sensor technology for IoT

The Internet of Things connects countless objects with other objects, animals and humans, opening up inspiring and visionary possibilities to interact with real things, where object data comes from and actions take place, and where their spatial context turns measurement data into information.

Localization for almost everything.

ZIGPOS technology identifies, locates, tracks and controls smart objects. We develop and deliver turnkey real-time localization for mass markets.

Little energy - long life.

ZIGPOS combines high precision UWB distance measurement with extremely economical data communication to create long-life location sensors.

Positioning extremely simplified.

ZIGPOS offers sensor networks that can be commissioned by the user himself and are easy to operate. Every browser-enabled device shows positions and object status at a glance.

RTLS for Integrators.

For a fast market introduction of location-based services, we enable the embedding of the ZIGPOS RTLS into business applications via REST / MQTT.

Prices for mass markets.

For the delivery of ZIGPOS hardware in large quantities and highest quality at reasonable prices we cooperate with certified ODMs worldwide.

Standards instead of Single Sourcing.

ZIGPOS customers are free to choose their hardware because our devices communicate in 802.15.4 standard. Users access applications via W-LAN or Ethernet.

The Real-Time Localization System a wireless sensor network that enables highly accurate location-based applications in GPS inaccessible areas. The wireless positioning system consists of mobile and fixed sensor devices. Mini-PCs control the network and provide both applications and interfaces centrally.





German Engineering, Dresden

The founder culture is alive. ZIGPOS was founded in 2011 by professors and graduates of electrical engineering in Dresden. The engineering team conducts research with international partners in EU projects. From building automation to autonomous driving, high-precision position and sensor data are generated for smart objects in the IoT world. Our grown development team designs hardware, software and turnkey sensor networks. Global customers appreciate our agile engineering and today renowned integrators worldwide rely on ZIGPOS technology. We passionately accelerate market launches significantly!