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ZIGPOS delivers a broad range of products and services starting from selling individual sensor nodes or complete wireless sensor networks up to installing turn key solutions including the full backend workflow. All solutions according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Our sensor systems are ideal for outdoor and indoor applications and are easy to use. ZIGPOS energy-efficient and secure solutions include wireless building automation, factory automation communications, logistics and supply chain management, medical sensor and the „Internet of Things“.

Products and Services

ZIGPOS offers an easy way for Real-Time-Localization of objects or persons inside a dedicated area. With the eeRTLS technology ZIGPOS combines the energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks with the dynamic object tracking of common RTLS systems.

Application scenarios range from objectlocalization of small objects in private areay (keys, smartphones or pets) to Localization of big objects in industrial environments. Seamless indoor-/ outdoor scenarios can be realized.

Based on user preferences or environmental conditions ZIGPOS offers customer specific solutions of their eeRTLS technology combining sensor actuator networks with location tracking. Parameters like battery life time, position accuracy, update frequencies, secured sensor data & actuator communication as well as interfaces, handling and visualization are used to provide optimal solution for each customer.

With ZIGPOS Home solution you can control your entire home from the tip of your fingers. ZIGPOS Home combines seamless wireless communication, convenient home automation and ZIGPOS eeRTLS™ indoor positioning technologies. Monitor and control everything in your home wirelessly, using your own smartphone, highly innovative ZIGPOS Home actuators or even just by being there!

Closing or opening curtains, blinds and windows can be done with a single touch or even automatically. Let the ZIGPOS Home system do the job for you, while you enjoy your life comfortable and safety at home.

Switch lights, change illumination, intensity and mood (color) at a touch, with intelligent control technology.

By wirelessly connecting sensors (temperature, humidity, light, wind and presence) with actuators (air condition systems, heating systems) you can create the perfect climate at home.

ZIGPOS offers technology consulting services to public and private companies. Jointly with our business and technologies provider team we offer high quality customized application and integrated services. Through the “Internet Of Things” various devices can interact to each other technology independent. Wireless Sensor-/ Actor networks (WSAN) will become a major role staking sensor data and actuator access energy efficient to the world wide web.

ZIGPOS main expertise in WSAN and IoT form an optimal fundament, to conduct customer specific solution and projects.

Next to various possibilities of interfaces and available network standards combined solutions consists of multiple alignments and decision leading to an optimized solution for the requested application scenario.

ZIGPOS helps in validation and further development of already existing solutions as well as helping in creation or integration of wireless solutions from schematics to pcb-design to interface selection or creation.

ZIGPOS has various customized sensor modules that are used for communication and localization purposes. Based on customer needs ZIGPOS can offer the optimized hardware for using in their networks and eeRTLS solutions.

Several sensors and devices had been integrated in ZIGPOS solutions already:

  • temperature/humidity (plain to high-end)
  • light intensity
  • accerelometer/gyrometer/magnetometer
  • switch on/off power plug with integrated energy consumption measuring unit
  • thermostat for heating regulation
  • pressure sensors
  • switch, contactor
  • lamps & LED lights-/ stripes
  • airflow sensors
  • carbon dioxid sensor
  • smoke detector

Due to the modularized hardware- and software components various arbitrary sensors and actuators can be easily integrated in existing networks. Following table shows a selection of available modules from ZIGPOS used for expand functionalities:

iPhone Dongle
Ranging Node Frequency: 2.4GHz eeRTLS Positionig Technology
Sensing Node Temperature and Humidity Frequency: 2.4GHz
Sensing Node 2x Temp/Humidity for air and wall Frequency: 868MHz
Power Plug turn on/off controlling unit measure current consumption
Ranging Module Battery / recharbgeable USB-connection (serial-to-USB) QI-wireless charging compatible

ZIGPOS has focused on high energy efficiency in Sensor- /Actuator Networks that helps to optimize solutions for own applications.

Wireless Sensor-/ Actuator Networks (WSAN) consists of sensor modules, communicating wireless to exchange sensor data from the environment (temperature, humidity, gas etc.) and control/regulate the environment via actuators (thermostat, climate, power plug etc.). The Main difference in various network concepts is the composition. Whether they are centralized or realized in a decentralized ad-hoc approach. Both options have advantages and disadvantages vary based on the application scenario.

ZIGPOS main experience focus on sensor network based on IEEE 802.15.4. This standard define the area of wireless personal area networks (WPAN) and is mainly used for energy efficient transmission with low data rate (mainly sensor data). Based on this standard various protocol stacks available competing to each other e.g. ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Wireless HART and many proprietary solutions. Due to our long term operating experience in wireless sensor networks ZIGPOS GmbH offers a choice of used network protocols for optimal realization of own applications based on user preferences.

Next to standard solutions ZIGPOS developed an own network protocol, that is next to the very high energy efficiency (battery life times up to several years) capable to integrate the eeRTLS technology. With this technology sensor data cannot only be transmitted but rather located inside the environment which leads to totally new application scenarios.


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The team of ZIGPOS stands for individual developments and solutions to customer requirements. We are based in Dresden, Germany.


ZIGPOS is partner with some of the most important companies in the RTLS ecosystem.


ZIGPOS has active cooperation with both national and international, world leading industry players, as well as research, policy and standardization organizations.

Research & Development Projects

HIGHTS is a highly innovative and market driven Research and Innovation Action. Cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS) applications rely on knowledge of the geographical positions of vehicles. Unfortunately, satellite-based positioning systems (e.g., GPS and Galileo) are unable to provide sufficiently accurate position information for many important applications and in certain challenging but common environments (e.g., urban canyons and tunnels).

This project addresses this problem by combining traditional satellite systems with an innovative use of on-board sensing and infrastructure-based wireless communication technologies (e.g., Wi-Fi, ITS-G5, UWB tracking, Zigbee, Bluetooth, LTE…) to produce advanced, highly-accurate positioning technologies for C-ITS.

UNCAP delivers a platform based on open industrial standards able to create new care & assistance paradigms. The result will be an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy ecosystem ready to help aging people live independently.

The project is co-financed by the EU through the Horizon 2020 programme, and it involves 23 partners (including several pilot user partners) from 9 European countries (IT, UK, SI, RO, EL, DE, SE, ES, MK).

i-locate is an integrated project focusing on indoor/outdoor location and asset management through open geodata. The project started on 1st of January 2014 and will continue until December 2016. Total budgets of this project is about 5M euro with 25 partners.

FI-STAR will establish early trials in the Health Care domain building on Future Internet (FI) technology leveraging on the outcomes of FI-PPP Phase 1.

It will become self-sufficient after the end of the project and will continue on a sustainable business model by several partners. In order to meet the requirements of a global Health industry FI-STAR ill use a fundamentally different, “reverse” cloud approach that is.

BUTLER is an integrated project focusing on ubiquitous, secure internet of thing with location and context awareness. It is a three years FP7 project started on 1st October 2011. A total budgets of about 15M euro.

iCore is an integrated project focusing on empowering internet of thing through cognitive technologies.

The project started on 1st of October 2011 and continued in October 2014. Total budgets of this project is about 14M euro with more than 20 partners.